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LLCs, Corporations, Wills, & Trusts

                                                                          CORPORATIONS, LLCS, AND BUSINESS DISPUTES

                                                                                      Planning And Then Maintaining Success

Whether you are starting a small business or are seeking advice on an employment or litigation matter, you want a lawyer that is experienced in handling all types of business issues.  You want an attorney that knows and understands the needs of business.  You want a law office that is ready, able and willing to provide you with the personal attention and quality services you deserve.

In Newport, Rhode Island, Attorney Maurice Cusick's Office is that place.  We already represent dozens of small businesses doing business on Newport's waterfront.  If you are already an LLC or incorporated here is one question to ask:  Do you have a "corporate record book"?  Are you aware the one is necessary?  When you or some one who worked for you set up your entity did that person tell you that you needed one?  This is one of the most common mistakes we run into.  Besides being required under the law, an LLC or corporate record book is a convenient place to keep all of your required business records.  Also, when did you last have an annual meeting?  Is one required?  Can you prove it happened?

Call or stop by our offices located on Thames Street.  We will show you the law on why a corporate record book is required and tell you whether a meeting was needed.  Once you have created the corporate or LLC protection, now you need to maintain it.

Our business law practice includes:

Sole Proprietorships
Corporate Law
LLC Formation
Business startups
Entity selection
Corporate governance
Joint ventures
Franchising (franchisor or franchisee)
Mergers and acquisitions
Asset purchases (or sales)
Stock purchases (or sales)
Business dissolutions
Business litigation

In addition to general business law services, Attorney Cusick is available to serve as general counsel to small and midsize companies and as consultants on an ongoing basis. We also represent restaurants.

                                                                                                BUSINESS FORMATION

Starting a new business or reorganizing an existing one can be fraught with pitfalls. Taxes, liability, growth strategies and a whole host of other issues need to be given careful consideration and forethought before choosing an entity type.

Attorney Cusick has been helping companies start successfully or reorganize to become more competitive.  He will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different corporate entity choices.  Attorney Cusick will help you evaluate these options and will work with your accountant, or put you in touch with an experienced accountant, to plan and execute a sound business plan.

Whatever your small or mid-size business law need, Attorney Cusick can help.
To learn more, contact our office for a free initial consultation.


Serving Rhode Island clients in the preparation of wills and living wills

If you have questions concerning your Rhode Island will, or if you want more information about writing a will, contact the Law office of Attorney Maurice Cusick.

Designate your wishes. Your will is a legal document by which you designate the persons who will receive the assets you own. A will is also the instrument used to appoint legal guardians for your minor children. Talk to Attorney Cusick to determine what you need in your will and how you can make your wishes clear.

If you have a will, it is a good idea to review it periodically to assure that it continues to be accurate. A will must be executed in the presence of two witnesses and acknowledged by a Notary Public. A will properly implemented in one state will be valid in any other state in which death may occur.

Know the limits of a will. A legal will can prevent your property from being distributed according to the provisions of state law. A will does not override a beneficiary designation under a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or a joint form of ownership. Many individuals unfortunately find out too late that a family member’s will does not carry out that person’s wishes. Attorney Cusick can help you determine if a will is sufficient for your needs.

A will incurs probate expenses. A will does not avoid the expense, delay, and publicity of a probate proceeding, nor does it help to reduce estate tax costs or protect your assets from the costs associated with long-term care. This is why a trust is usually recommended in addition to a will.

Prepare a living will. Attorney Cusick can help you write a living will (health care proxy, health care power of attorney) that will guide your family in making health care decisions if you are unable to make them yourself.


Establishing trusts that avoid unnecessary taxes and meet the family and business needs of clients

Because every family's circumstances and assets are unique to that family, Attorney Cusick will establish a trust to meet your specific requirements.

Avoid probate. When you deposit your assets in a trust, you can designate how those assets should be distributed while avoiding the time delays, expense, and publicity of a probate proceeding. You may select a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust, depending upon your specific objectives. Attorney Cusick can advise you on the types of trusts that will best suit your needs.

The revocable trust. A revocable trust (often referred to as a “living trust”) places your assets in a trust that can change over time as circumstances change.

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